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The Mother’s Day Incident

Dear diary,

Today is Mother’s Day and mom is going out for brunch with grandma Patterson in Peterborough. I don’t get to go so I am in auntie Jen’s backyard with my cousin Stella. 

Stella is so small I am not sure if she is really a dog. Her voice is a bit annoying.

The Mother's Day Incident

So this back yard is nice but it’s all fenced in. I am getting kind of bored. 

I can hear another dog next door… but I can’t see him. Maybe I could see him if I just climb up into this treehouse.

OK I’m up and there he is! He is a big DOG! He wants to play and I want to play too. How can I get over into the yard to play with him??

Maybe I can jump over this fence from the treehouse? What’s the worse thing that could happen?? Stella doesn’t look impressed…

That’s it, I’m going for it. 

WHOOOAAA!! I did it! Woohoo.

Uh oh, this dog is kind of mean and bit territorial. Maybe I’m not suppose to be in his back yard. Oh no, there’s no escape – his backyard is also fenced in. AHHH!

So now I have to fend for myself and there is a lot of growling and scrapping going on. I can see his dad coming from inside and he grabs the other dog and pulls him off me. He brings his dog inside and comes back to look at me. He looks really confused and scratches his head.

He looks at my dog tag and calls the number on the tag. He’s talking to Dad who is at work in Toronto. Yay, Dad!! Hi Dad, I miss you!

Dad calls mom at brunch to tell her that I escaped the back yard and got into the neighbour’s. Mom is confused. Auntie Jen is hoping Stella didn’t escape too and run away to the pound again (that’s a story for another time). 

So Mother’s Day brunch is over now and mom is back. Yay! I’m so happy.

The neighbour comes over to check to make sure I am ok and says “It was so weird, I heard my dog growling and barking and ran into the backyard and there was this big dog in there fighting with my dog and I had no idea how he got there!! It was crazy!” 

Mom apologized for me… she has do this a lot.

This was a great Mother’s Day. Love you mom.

The Mother's Day Incident

xoxo Allen


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