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Guest Post: 3 Success Lessons From Pro Athletes

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Today I am beyond excited to bring you my VERY FIRST guest post by my close friend and mentor Ryan Hindmarsh.

Ryan is a leadership development coach at LMI Canada which is quoted as the #1 Leadership Development Program in North America by Entrepreneur Magazine. WOOOOW! :O

Ryan’s background includes working with professional hockey athletes and basketball teams, as well as being a founding partner and manager of some of Toronto’s top sports clinics and fitness facilities.

However, Ryan’s passion has always lied in helping others set and achieve clear goals and getting people and businesses to realize their full potential. This naturally lead him to pursue a career in leadership development where he is killing it (if I do say so myself) at helping others achieve outstanding personal and business success. 

Be sure to stay tuned until the end where I share how you can connect with Ryan and learn more about his program.

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Three Success Lessons from Pro Atheltes

3 Success Lessons from Pro Athletes

Prior to coaching business leaders, I spent time as a strength and conditioning coach for elite and professional athletes.  Some of those athletes were professional hockey players playing in the NHL.  Coaching these athletes was a real learning process for me. I learned what physical attributes and mental characteristics made these NHL players special. They were all very gifted athletes, however I noted 3 characteristics that the highest conditioned athletes have in common. You can use these 3 principles to achieve your goals this summer. 

They had a Plan

During summer training and conditioning, these professional athletes had a plan. It was laid out from the day they started training, until the day back on the ice with their teammates at training camp.  The ultimate goal was to be an even better athlete when they returned for the next season.  They had baseline tests and results on where they were at, and specifics to where they wanted to be.  They had a laid out plan for the duration of the summer.  Workouts for each day, each week and each month was predetermined.  If executed, they knew this plan would provide them with results. 

Every Repetition Counts 

Did they have days when they didn’t feel like doing the workout?  Were there hot humid days that they would rather be on boat at their cottage?  Did they have days where they were out too late with their buddies the night before? Of course they did.  They are humans and have obstacles just like the rest of us. However, the elite of the elite did not miss a day. They did not miss a repetition. They knew that it was the last 2 reps that counted, not the hundreds before that.  And they took personal responsibility for their actions. They were self-motivated to do all the work to the best of their ability on that day, no matter what.

Make Your Strengths Stronger

Do pro athletes have weaknesses?  You bet.  Do they spend time and effort bringing them along?  Yes. However, they spent more time and energy on their strengths.  If they were quick, they wanted to be quicker.  If they were fast, they wanted to be faster. If they were strong, they wanted to use their strength more efficiently. Why did they do this?  Because that is what got them to the pros, and it was what was going to keep them there. Their strengths made them unique and great at their job.

How does this relate to the world of business and to you?  

1)  Have a goal and a plan to get there.

Have a specific written goal for what you want to achieve. Map out a time frame for where you are and where you are going.  Plan all the activities that you need to do to get there.   The plan needs to include all the activities and tasks you need to do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.  Once the plan is there, you now measure daily. Measure every repetition, just like a workout. 

2)  Do the repetitions.

Do the daily activities that lead to your success.  Activity fuels motivation. Have the personal dedication to do what you planned to do to achieve your goal. Plan your day, everyday to accomplish the steps that are required. If you get thrown off track, as we all do, plan and get back on track the following day.   

3)   Do well what you do well.

What are your strengths? Know them and capitalize on them. Ensure your activities are based on things that you like to do and that you excel at. Use your strengths to overcome the things you aren’t great at.  It’s fun to win and to use your talents.  Have a good time accomplishing steps towards your goal. 

NHL players are the most successful hockey players in the world.  To get to the top of your game, follow these 3 principles to the best of your ability. 

3 Success Lessons from Pro Athletes

Thank you so much Ryan for taking over! You are truly an inspiration. I know I am definitely one to struggle with doing the repetitions and keeping consistent with measurements, so this is such a great reminder.

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