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My Goals For 2020

goals for 2020

So for those of you who know me well, you know that I am a goal junkie. I absolutely LOVE goal setting and nothing fires me up more than sitting down and listing out all that I’d like to accomplish for the year ahead.

I actually had my parents babysit on New Yearโ€™s Eve so I could sit down with a glass of wine and spend a few hours writing out my goals for 2020. It was just the best!!

Yes, I might be crazy but I’ve come to terms with it ;).

You’re probably wondering why it took me a couple of hours to write out my goals. Well, that’s because I have a bit of a system that I’ve set up for the last few years and it works really well for me.

And lucky you, I’m going to share it with you today ๐Ÿ˜‰

The system is really quite simple, and it’s evolved over the years to work for me. Feel free to adopt whatever parts work for you or the thing if you’d like!

Here’s my goal-setting system:

1.Review last year’s accomplishments and lessons

It’s so important to look at everything you’ve accomplished in the previous year. The best way to create motivation and drive momentum for next year is by looking at all the amazing things you accomplished in the last 365.

I’ve used this quote before and I’ll share it again here because I just love it:

Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year.

My personal and business goals for 2020. Learn how to set and achieve your own goals this year by downloading my free goal planner!

By reviewing your accomplishments you can see just how much you were able to do, and it’s pretty exciting!

Next, you want to look at what didn’t work. What goals did you not achieve and ask yourself why that is. Was it not a priority? Did you not make time for it? Was it not really what you wanted after all?

It doesn’t matter the reason, use it to understand more about yourself and as a lesson for what not to do/what to change for next year.

2. Create an audit list of items you liked and disliked doing

To create this list, you’ll want to have 2 columns one titled “like” and the other titled “dislike”. I make two copies – one for business and one for personal, but feel free to group yours together for time purposes.

From there you’ll want to look through your calendar and your agenda from last year for all the things you said yes to.

Then put them into the appropriate columns: did you like doing this thing? or did you dislike doing it?

Try to think of things you might not have written in your agenda and calendar too like chores, commutes, etc.

3. Make a list of your annual goals

Keeping in mind your like and dislike list from last year, write down anything you want/think you can accomplish this year. Be realistic with what you write down here because you’ll have to revisit it at the end of the year and you don’t want to come back and see that you didn’t accomplish anything.

Write as many goals as you like and make sure to look at every area of your life including:

  • Financial and Career
  • Mental and Educational
  • Physical and Health
  • Spiritual and Ethical
  • Family and Home
  • Social and Cultural
My personal and business goals for 2020. Learn how to set and achieve your own goals this year by downloading my free goal planner!

4. Choose your top 5-6 goals

Ideally, they would be from each area of life, but depending on which areas require more work, you may be focused on improving one area of your life this year.

I break my goals down into my top 5 business goals and my top 5 personal goals.

From there I list what actions, behaviours and habits need to be in place in order to reach those goals. This whole process allows me to start planning my year with actionable items that I can start doing today.

5. Create a vision board

This is by far my favourite part. I love to have something visual I can refer to throughout the year to give me a little motivational boost!

Make sure to keep it in a place that you will see often to remind you of why you started and why keeping up with your planning and new habits are important.

If you would like to start planning using this method and learn how to go from annual goals to daily tasks, you’ll want to download my FREE 2020 goal planner.

My personal and business goals for 2020. Learn how to set and achieve your own goals this year by downloading my free goal planner!

So what are my goals for 2020?

Ok the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are my top 5 business and personal goals for 2020 (in no particular order) keeping in mind my word of the year for 2020 is “intentional”:

My top 5 Business Goals

  1. Delegate tasks that don’t spark joy or take up too much of my time
  2. Land 2 corporate client deals for Pilates on Demand
  3. Grow the POD Instructor Roster to be more diverse and inclusive
  4. Add clothing and branded products to POD
  5. Achieve $100,000 in annual revenue

My top 5 Personal Goals

  1. Be present around Rachel and Mike
    • by being off screens during family time
  2. Exercise 2-3 times per week, 30 mins/day
  3. Eliminate gossip and complaining
  4. Give myself grace
    • around work, family, and my physical health goals
  5. Have monthly date nights with Mike
My personal and business goals for 2020. Learn how to set and achieve your own goals this year by downloading my free goal planner!

So there you have it. My goals for 2020. If you’d like to set your own goals using this system, make sure to download my Free Goal Planner. It walks you through step by step how to set your goals and break them down into actionable items you can start doing today!

I hope you have a wonderful 2020 and please feel free to share your goals for this year ๐Ÿ™‚