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5 Podcasts That Will Make You Happier

Let me preface this post by telling you that I do A LOT of driving. Working several jobs means I am moving around the city several times a day. I’m not going to lie, I used to absolutely HATE it (yes, I said it)! Driving back and forth in traffic I would get incredibly frustrated and come home pretty unhappy and tired. But because this post is suppose to be about being happy, let me get to the point – it was during my long commutes that I discovered podcasts… and let me tell you, they have literally changed my life.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with podcasts. I can’t get enough of them: driving, walking, working out, taking Allen to the park, grocery shopping, etc. I’m actually looking for excuses now to listen to podcasts! I’ve turned mundane tasks into opportunities to learn from people just like me, going through all of the things I am going through. These podcasts have helped me in every aspect of my life, including giving me the courage to get over my fear of failure and judgement, and to actually pursue one of my biggest goals of starting this blog! Yeah, pretty crazy stuff!!!

Now, I’m so so so excited to share these podcasts with you so that you can enjoy them too! I truly and sincerely hope they will help you just as much as they’ve helped me. Stay tuned as I am pretty new to the podcast scene and will definitely be expanding my subscription list 😀

1. Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder


This podcast is awesome. Lori is so real and so relatable, she makes me feel like I am sitting having coffee with her discussing all of life’s deep dark secrets, yet so comfortably! She interviews guests with really interesting and exciting topics as well as quick personal growth messages that just leave you feeling good. I can’t get enough of this podcast and I am loving catching up on all the missed episodes. I actually discovered her by one of my old clients (and now great friend) who knew her from yoga retreats and sent me her name and website 🙂

2. Ted Radio Hour

This is one of the first podcasts that I subscribed to and it was a real life-changer. This podcast discusses so many topics and issues from around the world and really gives you a whole new perspective on countless subjects. It’s helped me become more compassionate and appreciate so much more in my own life after hearing so many stories of others’ lives. It’s so inspirational to learn how resilient we can be and really how much I don’t know! This podcast is humbling but it has helped motivate me to continue to learn as much as possible and remember that everyone has a story.

3. Stuff You Should Know


This podcast is hilarious. But also very informative! Mike and I love listening to this one together because it always makes us laugh while still learning about interesting topics. Chuck and Josh are really good at making learning fun! They bring so much joy and happiness to my commute it really doesn’t matter what they are talking about; I just love listening to them go off topic and make a lot of cheesy un-intentional puns. This podcast is just plain fun.

4. Good Life Project

This podcast is serious about getting happy and living a good life. I came across Jonathon Fields, the creator of the Good Life Project (and no it’s not goodlife fitness..very far from) while listening to one of Lori Harder’s podcasts. I really appreciated his story and a lot of the things he was discussing rang true to me and so I decided to subscribe to his podcast (he’s also wrote a book called the Good Life Project if you’re interested). Every time I listen to his podcast I always take something extremely valuable away from it. It’s so weird how no matter when or what I listen to, there is always some way it can relate to my life and help me overcome something I’m struggling with. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

5. Success Insider

This podcast is great for everyone. No matter where you are in your life, whether you are working on personal growth, career advancement or health improvement, this podcast has something for you. Each episode they interview experts in different fields to give their perspective on how to succeed. Success doesn’t necessarily mean becoming wealthy, it means something different to everyone. It can mean being happy at work or at home, improving your physical health, feeling loved, achieving your goals, or whatever you want it to be. That’s why this podcast is so great because it gives you tools and new perspectives to help you get there no matter what success means to you.

Well that is all I have for today. Please feel free to share some of your favourite podcasts that make you feel happy! I would love to expand my subscription list 😀

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  • Vanessa Walton
    February 2, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    This is awesome! I’ve wanted to start listening to podcasts but really had no idea where to start. Thank you!

    • JessD
      February 3, 2017 at 12:37 am

      Aww thanks Vanessa! I know it can be so overwhelming, there are so many to choose from! But they are so worth it – they’ve been a such a great addition to my life I can’t believe I went so long without them! Hope all is well with you and your family! Let me know if you discover any ones you would recommend 😀