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Our Trip To Florida

travelling to florida with a baby

We went to Florida last week and it was so nice. I wanted to share a little recap of our trip with you since I wasn’t very active on social while I was away.

I want to start off by saying that we planned our trip very low-budget. We have been cutting back on expenses since I’ve gone all in on my business (and if you’ve started your own business, then you know what I’m talking about!).

We were fortunate enough to have Mike’s uncle let us stay at his Condo in New Port Richey free of charge (thank you uncle Bill!!) and we were able to fly down using our credit card points. My in-laws met us at the airport and were there with us for half of the trip which was incredibly helpful.

The weather started off pretty cool for the first 3 days (like 12 degrees C :|). It wasn’t ideal but the sun was shining, and it didn’t stop us from going in the pool!

travelling to florida with a baby

As the days went on the weather got a lot warmer (like 25 degrees C) and we were able to spend the last 3 days at the beach and in the pool.

We also did a lot of walking and because my in-laws were around to help, Mike and I were able to go on a long bike ride together and out for dinner by ourselves.

travelling to florida with a baby

So how did Rachel do?

Haha well it was definitely interesting travelling with a baby/toddler. She was absolutely amazing on the plane on the way down (like she would have been worse if we were at home trying to entertain her). But then she came down with a fever the first day that lasted until day 3, and she was just not herself.

It’s so hard when your baby is sick. Luckily, going for walks helped her feel better and we got lots of snuggle time (which was actually really nice!).

Once she was feeling better, the weather had warmed up and we were able to bring her to the beach. She LOVED playing in the sand and chasing seagulls. She really just loved being outside so it was really nice being able to spend all of that time with her outdoors.

travelling to florida with a baby

All in all the trip was really nice. It was very different than the kind of vacations Mike and I have taken in the past, but it was so much fun getting to watch Rachel explore and discover new things.

I am however, glad to be home and back to work because watching Rachel all day is exhausting and we are still finding sand in places…

I’m ready for another vacation now haha 😉


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